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PhD, 2007, Victoria University; MFA, Monash University, 2003; BFA (Hons), Monash University 2000; Fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of the Arts

Dr. Flossie Peitsch, a Creative Thesis PhD from Victoria University and MFA, BFA(HONS) from Monash University, Melbourne, is a much sought after conference keynote speaker, internationally exhibiting multimedia, performance art, and installation artist residing in Australia . A cross-disciplinary artist, community liaison, academic and art educator, Peitsch is a ‘visual art’ theologian with interests in social sculpture, generating creative communities through the arts and contemporary spirituality facilitating the self-realization of being.

Her outstanding commissions for public and community art found in Melbourne’s challenged western suburbs and now, the Illawarra of NSW are projects noted for their expansion of the definition of Fine Art – many largely having been fabricated through free public art workshops.

THE IMMORTAL NOW: Visualizing the Place Where Spirituality and Today’s Families Meet, the Fine Art PhD exegesis supported by five (5) galleries of Fine Art production is the research which led to the notion of SPLACE. The precipitating questions are ‘Where am I? Why am I here? Who am I?’ where one begins to construct meaning within the interior self. Not finding a satisfactory term to name this important site led Peitsch to construct a new term, contracting the words place and space to become – SPLACE.



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