SOUNDSCAPE: HOWL FOR YOUR LIFE: You, Me and US Sound Designer: Matthias Peitsch

Part 2 of 2

What started out as a reasonably simple idea expanded into this soundscape equivalent of a veil of water filling every available airspace between the installations of HABITAT at immerse. After almost twenty (20) years collaborating on sound design with Flossie Peitsch, the output always seems to extend dramatically beyond the small initial idea. This particular piece stretched from three (3) minutes to thirty (30) minutes during the progression of the composition.

This piece unusually uses a forward and backward presentation of the spoken clips. The initial elements of water and wind are also reversed – giving a familiar and yet random quality throughout. The soundscape is designed to be played at low volume. Surprise elements are layered to fit under the melody of the wind in a way that is almost a replacement of one for the other – even though our ears momentarily focus on the added element. A continual destruction and electrification of the original recordings blurs the boundaries between humanity, self and technology which resonates throughout this exhibition.


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