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Though we are seldom given permission to discuss spirituality in a
free and open text within universities…and some universities do not
even offer any courses allowing the education of religion, belief or
theology…I found the seedbed of such keyed sharing on these
important spiritual issues…in the Ladies Toilet, downstairs in the
Visual art building 25 – both stalls. It is true! As a professional
cleaner of just such toilets in the past, I have seen many wall
scrallings. Never have I had such interesting reading! It is all on
topic and heartfelt wisdom. Congratulations, women! Sorry, men you
will not see it I expect.


Jelle invited me to visit his painting class today and suggested that
I could stop in on the other studios too. All the lecturers knew about
my wish to perform in their classes this week but no others have
arranged for me to do so.  Interestingly, the art students looked
quite embarrassed when I asked if anyone could photograph me on the
lawn. I wonder to myself how they will ever stand behind their art
when they  do not dare to ‘stand out’ so innocuously in front of their