G is for Gallery Interactive Exhibition

Excellent! You are here! This QR code has brought you to a site where you can interact with my installation art in MATERIAL WORLD: extraordinary environments made from ordinary things at ANCA Gallery in Canberra, Australia.

Historically, the gallery space is a place where creativity and culture both mesh and clash. If only the walls could speak their stories…and we could listen. What has been said there and what will be said in the future? Maybe you can actually hear the words pulse and roll to the surface.

Pick ‘G’ words from the list that seem important to you – artists or themes – or think of your own ‘G’ words…

Gaudí             Guggenheim Gender            Globalization            Gluttony      Gauguin            Garbage        Gibberish                    Geiger Counter             Greater Good               Géricault              Grave              Graze             Giacometti                Generate       Generous                 Giggawatts               Give Place     Gilbert and George           Goal               Google           Giotto             Vincent van Gogh               Goya              GST      El Greco           Grosz

Then, please add your ‘G’ words below.

Your chosen words will be composed into a new audio form and reintroduced to the gallery space at this exhibition’s close…..moving  from written words to spoken words to sounded words to sensational soundscape!…..  Come be a part of it!

G is for Gallery Soundscape (3.4mb)

This QR Code is being used both as a practical web-link and actual art, in the pop art mode.

Used as it is, it is the main tool of ENCODE, performance art which toys with inside/outside gallery space and inclusion/exclusion in the art ‘lingo’.  ENCODE reflexively plays with one’s idea of ‘real art’. It links canvas with technology with alternative space with active place with altered time. This is a blurring of preconceived art ideas and gallery conventions such as word versus image,  system versus sign, sound versus sight, public versus private, to name only a few.

Interestingly, ENCODE, art which could solidly promote the idea that the gallery is a place of important current cultural exchange, has NOT officially been allowed to be performed at certain important galleries in the ACT. When I initially wrote to gain permission, it was denied ‘due to short notice of intent or not supporting the exhibitions currently showing or taking attention away from other artists’ work, etc.’ I accept these decisions, but it does add another sticky layer to the discourse doesn’t it? What fun!

13 thoughts on “G is for Gallery Interactive Exhibition”

  1. Girrlpower, Gorgeous, Grandiosity, Greediness, Gentlewomen, Goodnight, Guerrilla, Graciousness, Gentian, Gongs, Granular Synthesis, Guitar, G Clef,

  2. Hi Flossie

    I would happily add a G word if only I was more tech savy. I liked the sound of Glide. Enjoyed having a look around – even if you dont knit 🙂

  3. Hey Floss, I read a short story about a man who had a stroke, and one of his longlasting effects was the loss of 1 letter of the alphabet. As a result, he couldn’t say or recognise either his name or his wifes name becuase both contained the letter that was missing. Ny the

  4. Ooops….by the end of the story, you realise that all the self narrated sections by him do not contain any of the missing letter…..shows how versatile the english language is, but also how restrictive!

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