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Easter Sunday Celebrate BAPTISM!  Along with the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, Easter Sunday was the traditional day to baptize new believers in the early church. I have been to sunrise services on Easter Sundays when the minister takes a leafed branch, dips it in water at the baptismal font to sprinkle the congregation – a renewal of the baptismal experience… For anyone who is in Christ, there is a new creation; the old creation has gone, and the new one is here. It is all God’s work. 2 Corinthians 5:17.18

Today he is risen! Risen indeed!


Good Friday  Jesus dies. The life in me trickles away, days of grief have gripped me. At night-time, sickness saps my bones, I am gnawed by wounds that never sleep. It has thrown me into the mud where I am no better than dust and ashes. I cry to you, and you give me answer; I stand before you, but you take no notice. Job 30: 16, 17, 19  It is one thing to empty. It is an even deeper thing to be emptied. Pain does this. It empties us, if we allow it to. Matthew Fox Suffering is the badge of the human race. Mahatma Gandhi


Maundy Thursday– This is the day when Christians remember Jesus washing his disciple’s feet. Joseph Beuys was a Performance Artist when he re-enacted this foot washing in the streets. His action was met with the same consternation as at Jesus’ time. It seems to be our nature to resist another’s kind service….but it need not be this way. Stop in this moment and be refreshed in God’s waiting kindnesses.


Wednesday of Holy Week The traditional primary theme for this day is our human need for healing and forgiveness. If we know that ‘God is love’ and so, promises to forgive us anything that would separate us from this love, why do we find it so hard to forgive ourselves? Holding ourselves accountable when God does not is perverse and plainly, sad. God can not speak to someone if this love is overridden with one’s own version of punishment. Release yourself for God’s sake!

Look at one object within your view. Let your eyes examine it – trace all its edges, colour, light, etc. Let your eyes rest on this object seemingly without purpose. Let your mind settle and relax.

HOLY WEEK – 5 minute Lenten Mini-Devos 2012

By Flossie Peitsch

Essence Theme

LENTEN OVERVIEW: This is the last week of my Lenten 5 minute mini devos. I added a few thoughts for Easter too. These writings have been my Lenten commitment to you… but in my doing this, YOU have helped my journey.

It is traditional to give up something for Lent but it can also follow four (4) disciplines:

Repentance – self-examination

Prayer – Pray about life issues, including listening to God’s word

Fasting – Limiting or eliminating something you enjoy, as you feel you

are led to do

Service – Giving up personal time for others’ benefit

PREPARE: Pick a time when you will not be interrupted. Have beside you your Bible and light a candle. The purpose of the Devos is to momentarily simplify your spirituality by focusing on one thought or action. It is meant to be a step towards a new awareness using some of our God-given senses and attributes.

General Daily Outline

[Light the candle]

Say Out-loud

Though we own nothing, everything is ours. 2 Cor. 6:10b

[Daily Focus]

Say Out-loud

May the grace of God the creator, the love of our lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all.

[Extinguish the candle]


5th week of Lent, Saturday – Lack of air circulation makes things stale or rancid. That is why we ‘air things out”, ideas and belongings. Look at one object within your view. Blow a tissue of paper held by two fingers. Let your eyes examine it – trace all its edges, colour, light, etc. Let your eyes follow this movement seemingly without purpose. Let your mind settle and relax. Thank God that you can notice this smallness in all the bigness of your life.


5th week of Lent, Thursday – At what is now called Pentecost, there was the sound of a mighty, rushing wind. The Holy Spirit had arrived in this sensation. The wind is a stirring that can be felt all over your body…with anticipation, excitement, and more. Who wouldn’t want more of this divine spirit? But… it can be a change that is also frightening. Don’t pray for the Holy Spirit unless you are willing to be altered. And yes, it is scary to give up control in this way.


5th week of Lent, Tuesday – Loosely roll a magazine into a tube and peer into the great beyond, out a window or walk outside. Look at the cosmos through this limiting lens.  Notice the colour of the sky – day or night. Consider this direct line to the vastness of the universe….the known and the unknown. Now think of the vastness of the Creator of this vastness and mystery. Christ sustains the universe by his powerful command. Hebrews 1:3


5th week of Lent, Monday – Close your eyes and breathe slowly, in and out. Today, do not take in the next breath until you do not have a choice and your body forces you to inhale. Consider how good it feels to take air in. your body wants to live. Even unconsciously it seeks to live in every way. So, join your body and live life. Be part of each day, bringing hope to it – like the sweet anticipation of the next breath your body craves. Don’t pass the time until your personal situation to improves. You may not have that long to wait! Think about the miraculous way you are alive now.