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Making the Dinner Table

My artist friend, Sally Kidall, has a creative son who found  on line a 3D Printer program for a mini dinner table ….I was very amazed to see and HEAR this little table come into being…..Here is a recording of the mechanical sound of the printer at work. I think it could be the basis of DINNER’S soundscape.  I better ask my music collaborator it he sees the potential too!

3D printer of Table

Filmed, Designed and Recorded by:

Christopher Kidall Park
“exploring the world through video, sound, creativity & making”

3d table plans available:



Saturday after Ash Wednesday – With eyes closed, use your hands to hold your face. Run your hands over your features. This is the face given to you by generations of those who went before you. They live in this world because of you and your face. It is a God given face. This face bravely turns to the world in hope for good in the future. With eyes still closed, smile and feel this smile. Think of drawing the smile inside – to smile at yourself. YOU are worth your lovely face and its smile.


Thursday after Ash Wednesday – With eyes closed, hold your own hands. Lightly draw each hand over the other, gently massaging every part. The stop and just hold your hand, feeling its warmth and life. Notice that you are a live gift to yourself. These are the hands your parents cuddled so admiringly. These are the hands that touch the ones you love, touch your future. Stay holding your hands for this session.