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FAITHING was made when the Peitsch family lived in Melbourne. All the
boys and Patience were close by…but it was not to last. It couldn’t
have lasted. This audio/visual creation was prophetic. We did all
start in one safe setting and have now moved off, far away from each
other. I have never been one to hang on my children to make my life
meaningful, don’t get me wrong, but I miss them all. Even the ones who
still live with us have grown up. The people in these pictures no
longer exist. We have all moved on. We are away from each other, but
still close. We are an ‘extended family’ in more than one way now. Two
more have been welcomed in. It is good. But I do miss them all. I run
from things sentimental but looking and hearing this presentation
makes me cry deep inside. Strangely, it always has.


Though we are seldom given permission to discuss spirituality in a
free and open text within universities…and some universities do not
even offer any courses allowing the education of religion, belief or
theology…I found the seedbed of such keyed sharing on these
important spiritual issues…in the Ladies Toilet, downstairs in the
Visual art building 25 – both stalls. It is true! As a professional
cleaner of just such toilets in the past, I have seen many wall
scrallings. Never have I had such interesting reading! It is all on
topic and heartfelt wisdom. Congratulations, women! Sorry, men you
will not see it I expect.


An excerpt of a conversation with Philip.

8:48 PM Philip: how did the setup go?
me: Well…it looked pretty touch and go when I arrived but came
together just fine.
8:49 PM I will sent pics…
Philip: yay 🙂
8:51 PM me: When its all said and done, it is afterall a corridor…so
I was really happy to hear the ‘director’ say it is now transformed.
8:52 PM I have tomorrow to put the catalogue together if I do not do it tonight
Philip: ahh
so plenty to do still
8:54 PM me: not really…most of it is there in one form already
Philip: wow!
that looks good!
me: Thanks!
8:57 PM The celestial inversions book looks great in the glass cases
Philip: it does
me: I laid out the half aprons for colour and put out each
page…people have been reading it..actually and laughing
8:58 PM Philip: lol
having them spread out like that makes it a little more bite-sized
for ppl to read i think
8:59 PM me: Yes and makes them seem special
which is funny because we wanted them to be touchable…??? and ordinary
9:02 PM the bags of wood are labeled ‘HOUSE KIT LOT: 1953 EX/ ENG’
to represent the first homes the immigrants to here lived in…There
are about 40 different nations represented here
Philip: very clever
a good way to get use without unpacking it even 😀
9:03 PM me: yes they even look travelled hahahha


5:18 PM Matthias: how are you?

5:19 PM me: well, I’m not sure but trying to do work for Canberra, Nissen project and especially the exhibition which gets installed tomorrow. If that goes well, I will feel better tomorrow…

5:21 PM Matthias: that’s good.

still… lots of stuff on your plate.

me: yes… but I’ve had coffee so the night will be my friend

5:23 PM I hate that this interferes with my family life again and again…but I am probably better being at a project than between projects when I start to wonder about life …and my family

Matthias: yer. what do u mean by that last line?

5:25 PM me: I mean that despite my best efforts…I worry very much about all of you!

5:26 PM Matthias: aw… thats nice to know.

but i imagine is interferring

me: And life…well…as long as I don’t ask ‘why’ I am really doing this, I am better off. There is no good reason except that despite all, I do feel that I should be doing this work

5:27 PM Matthias: yer.

don’t ask too many questions

5:28 PM what a tough gig.

5:29 PM me: ok…love you much…I will get back to the emails, etc and catch ya lata

5:30 PM Matthias: love you too. so much.