A Difficult Dinner Party

Day 1

Welcome to…

Chewing over religion, sex, and politics in art today
Technology Inspired Performance Art and Soundscape
F   L   O   S   S   I   E      P   E   I   T   S   C   H
with Matthias Peitsch

Throughout June, this Blog site hosts Dinner and its preparation. New table talk and art outcomes are developed and shared each day. A DIFFICULT DINNER PARTY consists of culinary-based performance art, new media and a compelling, original soundscape. Do partake in the smorgasbord of consumable art set out for you…Bon appetite!


Due to the cost to ship the art, the limited accessibility and use of this
gallery buried deep in the campus, it is beneficial that the exhibition is
substantially ‘online’.

Day 2

Visual and Soundscape A r t i s t s:    PERFORMANCE/ INSTALLATION /SOUNDSCAPE
LOCATION: NAN GIESE GALLERY, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NSW
DATES: JUNE 17 – JUNE 28, 2013
HELD IN CONJUNCTION WITH A COLLOQUIUM BY THE SAME TITLE – Co-presented/ Co-authored by the artist at The Thirteenth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nations;
Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia, 26-28 June 2013


Dinner Party highlights the commonality of community / spirit / communication through the world wide net…in the     process of eating a meal together. IT is a common language especially for Australian young people. The dinner party is  difficult facilitates an unorthodox approach to sharing art as ‘food for thought’.   Dinner casually  chews over  centuries of privileged  discussion about religion, sex, and politics in art.  Dinner Party invites the tabling of ideas around young people’s identity, education and belonging within life’s ‘perceived’ big daily issues.
A DIFFICULT DINNER PARTY reflexively plays with one’s idea of ‘real art’. It links canvas with technology with alternative space with active place with altered time within hyper community using virtual everyday interaction within ‘traditionally perceived’ big social topics – a blurring of preconceived art ideas and gallery conventions such as  word versus image,  system versus sign, sound versus sight, public versus private,  inclusion and exclusion,  to name only a few.

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