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FAITHING was made when the Peitsch family lived in Melbourne. All the
boys and Patience were close by…but it was not to last. It couldn’t
have lasted. This audio/visual creation was prophetic. We did all
start in one safe setting and have now moved off, far away from each
other. I have never been one to hang on my children to make my life
meaningful, don’t get me wrong, but I miss them all. Even the ones who
still live with us have grown up. The people in these pictures no
longer exist. We have all moved on. We are away from each other, but
still close. We are an ‘extended family’ in more than one way now. Two
more have been welcomed in. It is good. But I do miss them all. I run
from things sentimental but looking and hearing this presentation
makes me cry deep inside. Strangely, it always has.