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Crown Prince Frederich of Denmark and me!

Yes, I still can’t believe that I had a visit to STACKHOUSE by the Crown Prince of Denmark! In fact I almost missed it! The arrival was much later than was expected so though I had been waiting by my sculpture, I was now making my way toward the Official Reception. Then suddenly my friend ran up behind me a said get back to your sculpture – he’s on the way! Indeed, his entourage made its way up the hill to chat to me after a long, long way around the circuit of sculptures. I was so excited and nervous that I forgot to say ‘Hello, your Highness’. He did after all introduce himself with ‘Hi, I’m Frederich’. He was very approachable and made interested comments about my sculpture. I was thrilled!! I still am thrilled!! What a great day!


They have been very resourceful in finding suitable recycled timber to make STACKHOUSE in Aarhus, Denmark. This choice is very near the original recycled fence palings used in the Australian counterpart. I Hope there is enough timber. It is deceptive how much wood is actually needed. I am worried that in the in the spirit of the Goon Show…’You can’t get the wood, you know.’
I am excited to see how the project develops!

My wood in Denmark
My wood in Denmark