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ART and SOUL up for grabs!

ORDER FORMFlossie’s book ‘ART & SOUL’ FREE for cost of postage within Australia. Orders being taken now! Email Flossie via website…

If you have received this blog, then you are either a fan of my visual art or a person interested in expanding your knowledge of spirituality and contemporary culture. Maybe you just want an impressive book to sit on your coffee table! Hopefully, you are all three!

ART & SOUL, a monograph recording the ten (10) years of my visual art practice based in Melbourne, is published by the noted art publisher MACMILLAN PRESS. Storage for this book is no longer available at the warehouse. The editor has made me a once-off offer to find good homes for as many of these books as is possible. (In order to keep their well-earned printing reputation, MACMILLAN PRESS does not pass on their books to cut-rate book distributors.)

So, if you would like a FREE copy (RRP $88) or copies for the cost of postage and handling, this is the time to order! After this, they are gone forever! Get some for your Christmas Gift List now!

Here you can actually see pages from the book online: