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‘Use it, Baby’

When faced with the seemingly insurmountable odds against becoming ‘an artist of note’, I frequently find myself at the point of despair. This happened again recently with my visit to Paddington where ‘real artists’ are presented daily to a buying public in the best spaces by the best galleries at the best five digit prices. When with immense bravery I inquired about whether I could send in a CV and some images for the Director’s perusal, I was met with a nonplussed stare. The cool receptionist tried her best not to be patronizing but what she said settled that. ‘Our Director only exhibits those who she herself has noticed on the art scene. Perhaps you could try the artist’s run initiatives and work at coming up through the ranks.’ This was actually good advice – for someone just starting out and in their mid-twenties. For me, on the other hand, it was immensely degrading. I am aware that I am not known in any capacity in NSW, but the presumption is that I am, therefore, not a quality artist. Should I believe this? No!

‘Use everything in your life to create art’ is what the playwright, Sidda, in The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood was told by her colleagues when her mother cruelly upstaged her once again.

Yet, in the still, wee hours of the night……..and I am awake, thinking…I could do without this eternal struggle.

the “Journey” is FINISHED

I always get a buzz when I’ve finished an art project.

So many people get a buzz from creating an art piece together that is not just ‘community art’ but strays into the area of ‘fine art’ and all the respect that caliber of art brings.

This project saw me creatively guide the staff and friends of MacKillop Family Services to create an art mural entitled “Journey”.

And now the fun part, we’re having a launch of this mural at Mackillop Family Services on 118 Commercial Road Footscray on Wednesday 26th November.