HABITAT@immerse Day 10

Some text relevant to HABITAT:

See every creature as an image or mirror of Divinity. Every creature reveals something about God to us – maybe it is beauty; maybe humour that shines through; maybe simplicity; maybe complexity. With the right eyes of perception, everything reveals something of the divine to us. Matthew Fox on Thomas Aquinas

By dwelling on creatures the mind is inflated to love the divine goodness. We love God and know God in the mirror of God’s creatures. Thomas Aquinas

If we are looking to find the ‘ultimate and noblest perfection in things,’ then look to the whole. Today, we know the order of the universe is a very dynamic order, a rapidly evolving order, an order in motion, an order of the birth, death, and resurrection of galaxies, supermovas, stars, and planets, including earth. We all exist to serve a larger order, the cosmos itself.   Matthew Fox on Thomas Aquinas


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