SOUNDSCAPE: HOWL FOR YOUR LIFE: You, Me and US Sound Designer: Matthias Peitsch

Part 1 of 2

This recording is a compilation of only natural sounds – those immediate to Flossie’s and my lives. For me, the surrounding water and wind bring me peace. For Flossie, her love of animals has been a constant throughout her life. By manipulating the different samples throughout the recording, the bark of Priscilla the dog turns into a howl with a melody of its own. Also, the wind sample used I first heard singing through the gaps in my house’s walls, playing a melody that I’ve never heard anywhere else. The running water recording was recorded in a small town cave in rural China in pitch black after a heavy rain. The experience of being alone in a cave is unsettling enough and a rare opportunity to experience. Coupled with the inability to see anything, the stream seemed to grow into a river, into a roar, where the blackness quickly painted itself into creatures by my fertile imagination. The blocks of silence are added to allow our ears to breath.

1)	HOWL FOR YOUR LIFE: You, Me and Us

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